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❓I've learned that the Korean structure is SUBJECT / OBJECT / VERB. Is it correct? "SUBJECT / OBJECT / VERB is an incorrect, unanalyzed structure taught by internet people. The mastery structure that applies to everything you want with 100% result is here." SUBJECT: is the element you must mention first without hesitation until you master the Korean language. DETAILS: is the element that makes your sentence sound native casually and professionally, and longer; using 1 or 2 details is best for optimal readability. Ending [Just ask 'my analyzed word' in 5] - 다 + [Just memorize 'my analyzed grammar' and use]: is the element that conveys your main point, so you must master it first.
한국어 공부할 때 뭐가 ____ 어려워요? What's the hardest part when you study Korean?
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23 Haz 2024 16:49
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