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🌟 English and Chinese Verbs of the Day 🌟 Specially designed for our awesome Italki students! Let's dive into today's verbs and boost your vocabulary. Need 需要 (Xūyào) Negotiate 谈判 (Tánpàn) Nominate 提名 (Tímíng) Notify 通知 (Tōngzhī) Nudge 轻推 (Qīng tuī) 🚀 Ready to nudge your language skills to the next level? Today's verbs will help you negotiate tricky conversations, notify others with ease, and nominate yourself for success! 🔹 C(58) Quiz: Challenge yourself with our quiz and see how well you've mastered today’s verbs! 🔹 C(58) Vocabulary Flash Cards: Quick, fun, and effective for learning these essential verbs. 📅 Book a class with me on Italki and let’s negotiate your path to fluency together! If you have questions or need extra guidance, I’m here to support you. Let’s make your language learning journey extraordinary! Happy learning! 🚀
Verb Poll of the Day Do you already have everything you "need"?
not sure
I have some of what I need.
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