こんにちは!日本語を勉強しているイタリア人です。 日本語を練習するために、テレビ電話で日本人と話したいです。イタリア語は母語だから、その代わりにイタリア語を教えられます。 よろしくお願いします。
2023年11月18日 10:46
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Hello Alessia さん ! My name is Takeshi. I live in Nara, Japan. I'm a native. I graduated from Osaka National University, but I'm a beginner in listening and speaking English. Therefore, I'm looking for someone who can teach English listening and speaking politely, seriously and positively once a week for a long time. I want to be able to speak English fluently.(non native OK) I have a good textbook for us. Instead, I will teach Japanese seriously for a long time.I'd like to study English and Japanese conversation and listening with someone who can read at least Japanese HIRAGANA, KATAKANA and knows at least a little KANJI. I have a good textbook suitable for that, so let's use it. Also, for Japanese and English conversation, we need voice training using LINE, WhatsApp, Skype, etc., so I have those apps. Please ask me. I want to talk about each other's culture, history, daily life, etc. too. Of course, let's study each other for free. Also, there is a time difference, so let's decide the day and time to study while adjusting. I'm looking forward to talking to Alessiaさん ! Best regard Takeshi PS: I went to Italy many times. I like Galleria degli Uffizi. I want to go one more time. Are you male or female? Please teach me. Please come to Nara, Japan. You can wear Japanese "KIMONO" at my house.