Farah H.
"How can I start learning Arabic?" is a question that comes to the minds of those who think of learning Arabic. Its answer differs according to the purpose of learning the language. Are you learning it to immerse yourself in the Arabic culture? Are you learning it for a business trip or vacation? Or are you learning it just for fun? That's why I ask my students the 1st thing about their purpose of learning Arabic. Then comes the next question: Should I learn MSA or should I learn a certain dialect? and which dialect should I choose? Again this depends on the purpose of learning Arabic. MSA is used in TV news and is understood by all Arabs but what we use in our daily lives is dialects. Now if you choose to learn a dialect you may not know what to choose. If you seek a dialect that is understood by all Arabs, I'd suggest the Egyptian dialect. However, If you are visiting a certain region like Morocco and Tunisia, I'd suggest learning Darija. Then, we can discuss the options of learning Arabic. The 1st part of learning any language involves learning the alphabet. However, some students find it not that useful especially if they don't intend to read Arabic or use the language for long-term (for example in students going for a short vacation). English text of Arabic letters then could be helpful as a substitute. Then, common greetings and phrases would be learnt. Consequently, You will start your Arabic journey through lessons containing common vocabulary and verbs. The most important aspect of learning any language is continuous practice or as they said "If you don't use it, you lose it." How would you want to start learning Arabic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
2024年5月8日 15:09