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Price (ITC per hour) 
Steven From United States   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English, Spanish
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Professional author, researcher, and English teacher with a Doctor of Education degree.

Hourly Rate
65 - 100 ITC
≈ 6.5 - 10.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
40 ITC
lily From China Add to Favorites
Teaches: Chinese (Mandarin)
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, Korean
I am aprofessional Chinese teacher. I have a Teacher Certification. I have taught Chinese in public elementary school for 10 years, and have taught Chinese as a foreign language for 3years.

Hourly Rate
80 - 120 ITC
≈ 8.0 - 12.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
15 ITC
Aymen From Tunisia   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Arabic, French
Languages: Arabic, French, English, Spanish
I am a proficient french speaker with great knowledge of vocabulary,grammar.I am learning a language myself and I know how someone exactly feel when learning a language.French is important and It is a great tool for any motive.

Hourly Rate
70 - 85 ITC
≈ 7.0 - 8.5 USD

30 Minute Trial
30 ITC
Giulia Z.
Giulia Z. From Italy Add to Favorites
Teaches: Italian, English
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German
I have been giving English and Italian classes since 2009. I've taught workers, students and retired people with a weakness for languages. After one year on Italki, I bet that I'll give a rewarding lesson even to the shiest person out there!

Hourly Rate
140 ITC
≈ 14.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
60 ITC
Hero-mi From Japan Add to Favorites
Teaches: Japanese, English
Languages: Japanese, English, Thai
I am a professional online Japanese / English teacher. I teach at offices and schools, to both adults as well as children. I teach lessons on conversation, grammar, business Japanese, and more.

Hourly Rate
100 - 300 ITC
≈ 10.0 - 30.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
100 ITC
Jennifer From Germany   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English, German
Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, Italian, Romanian
Please check my profile for my NEW specialised classes like Medical terminology and diverse school subjects, like History! I can also help you dip into English and German Literature! I have experience with beginners and children.

Hourly Rate
80 - 130 ITC
≈ 8.0 - 13.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
40 ITC
Carlos Navarro
Carlos Navarro From Spain   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Spanish
Languages: Spanish, Italian, English, Catalan, German
Last August I completed my training as a teacher of Spanish ELE HISPANIA school in Valencia, I have three years of experience in private teaching of Spanish, I started teaching for pleasure and I finished making it a profession.

Hourly Rate
110 - 160 ITC
≈ 11.0 - 16.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
Rai Dukk
Rai Dukk From Armenia Add to Favorites
Teaches: Armenian
Languages: Armenian, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish
Being a native speaker of Armenian, I'm looking for those interested in this incredibly beautiful language. The classes I deliver include grammatical materials, audio and video stuff – all coming online.

Hourly Rate
150 ITC
≈ 15.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
Nikolay From Ukraine   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Thai
I am a CELTA certified English teacher from Ukraine. I really enjoy teaching, particularly grammar and exam preparation (IELTS). I am a life long student, who love learning about other cultures and travelling.

Hourly Rate
130 - 170 ITC
≈ 13.0 - 17.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
80 ITC
Maria  From Greece Add to Favorites
Teaches: Greek, English
Languages: Greek, English
I have been teaching online English since 2007. I have taught children as well as adults. I have attended a lot of teaching seminars, and have work experience in accent reduction and public speaking. I also teach Greek, since I'm a native speaker.

Hourly Rate
100 - 110 ITC
≈ 10.0 - 11.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
40 ITC
Rinko From Japan Add to Favorites
Teaches: Japanese
Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Mandarin)
I am a certified teacher with a master's degree in Japanese language education and a Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test certification. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Hourly Rate
100 - 150 ITC
≈ 10.0 - 15.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
Amar Delkic
Amar Delkic From Bosnia and Herzegowina   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English
Languages: Bosnian, English, German
I myself have faced these same problems, and I would love to help individuals who need help learning English. I understand the difficulties new forgein learners have to face, and I look forward to helping you with your English understanding.

Hourly Rate
60 ITC
≈ 6.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
30 ITC
Yuki From Japan   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Japanese
Languages: Japanese, English
I am a native Japanese speaker who is currently learning a language myself and understand the problems that you may encounter when trying to learn a new language. I look forward to helping you improve your Japanese!

Hourly Rate
70 ITC
≈ 7.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
40 ITC
Elizaveta Sh.
Elizaveta Sh. From Russian Federation Add to Favorites
Teaches: Russian
Languages: Russian, English
Russian University educated tutor, with 6 years of teaching experience of Russian for foreigners, working as a online-tutor of Russian in world-famouse Moscow State University Russian Language Centre.

Hourly Rate
150 - 190 ITC
≈ 15.0 - 19.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
90 ITC
Amos From Italy OOPT   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Italian
Languages: Italian, English, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese
I am a native Italian speaker. I'm currently learning languages myself, so I understand potential problems you may encounter and adequate strategies to solve them.

Hourly Rate
60 ITC
≈ 6.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
10 ITC