Profesyonel Öğretmen
How to stay positive in an interview? !!!Foster your confidence!!! Self-confidence can help give you the motivation needed to overcome challenges in the workplace. Use your self-confidence to measure your value and identify what drives you to improve and succeed. You can apply this knowledge to your interview preparation in the following ways: Outline why you want this job There are many reasons why you may have applied for the position, and it can be helpful to remind yourself of what this interview means to your professional development and career goals. Write down what first interested you in the job listing, what you hope to achieve with the company and how this position fits into your career path. You can boost your confidence when you remember what excited you about this opportunity during the initial application process. List your qualifications Your prospective employer likely selected you for an interview because they’re interested in what you have to offer. Before you meet with the hiring team, write down what makes you the best candidate for this position. It can be a numbered list of skills and characteristics or a short essay. You can use your resume and the job listing to help you identify relevant items. Review this list right before your interview to remind yourself of the unique value you bring. Repeat positive affirmations You may find it even more helpful to read the list or essay about your professional qualifications aloud. Reinforcing the skills, traits and experiences that make you a strong candidate can further improve your confidence. You can also practice simple, more general affirmations, such as “I will do well in this interview” or “I am the best candidate for this position.” These methods may help you focus on the skills and accomplishments that make you a good candidate for the job. More suggestions on 1-1 training with me. Book it now to succeed in your next interview! To Your Success, Anatoly
24 Mar 2023 12:58