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Which part are you worried about? I met a student from China who came to prepare for IELTS speaking, and while reading his goal, I picked certain areas from his answer that he wasn't even aware of.  This was the goal: (I will hide the name, just to illustrate some of my student's goals), so here were his goals: "My goal is to break through 5.5 in IELTS speaking. I often don't know what to say when communicating, especially during exams, and the answers are a little incoherent and overly nervous." These were the issues I identified a) Not knowing what to say (being stuck). b) During exam fear (most people have 'exams-fear'. c) Doubting about the answers (whether its correct). d) Fear, anxiety when communicating. What about you, do you have some of these concerns? If you said yes - I know how you feel and that's exactly what I am addressing in all of my IELTS speaking classes because the issues are similar in most cases. Please listen to the podcast and pick what will resonate with you, and join my 1-on-1 VIP classes for your outrageous success in communication improvement whether for IELTS speaking, job interview preparation or business English. See you in my classes.
Which part are you worried about?
20 May 2024 13:22
Do you tell the truth or lie in the IELTS test? What if you are stuck when expressing yourself, when you lack of ideas, what do you do??? What if you don't have any content to share the moment you are asked a question on an IELTS test? How do you feel about 'telling a lie' when this is the only solution on a test? I found my Chinese students have a moral issue when I help them overcome 'being stuck' when speaking a question. It's vital to be honest and tell the truth. We all know this, but the IELTS speaking test goal is slightly different. Listen to the podcast and find out how you can overcome 'lack of ideas' when expressing yourself or when you can't tell stories. You can simply imagine them. You'll have more clarity on the recording. Enjoy it and join my classes to prepare for your next IELTS speaking test, job interview preparation, or to prepare your business English and communication skills. See you in my classes now.
Do you tell a truth or lie in the IELTS test?
16 May 2024 10:12
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