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From 60 mistakes per hour to 10 mistakes in 2 months! Do you think it's possible? These are my students results! ----- Let me help you to improve your grammar. Improve your grammar by thinking & correcting other people's mistakes! Here is a list of 5 mistakes I noted for my students ( actually in our private classes I can give you this as a bonus too). Check it out: 1. i started to feel boring 2. for them both 3. he has 3 child 4. i have day off 5. she is public person What are your ideas to correct it? Here is my take on it: 1. i started to feel bored (BORED) 2. for both of them 3. he has 3 children ( CHILDREN ) 4. i have a(A) day off 5. she is a(A) public person How far were we? :) Do you want to reduce 90% of your mistakes? Send me a lesson request to be mentored by me. See you in the class.
3 Şub 2023 14:53
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