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1️⃣ First, you must learn how to read natively with a lot of strategies first. 2️⃣ You must understand the real structure, not a wrong one like ‘SUBJECT / OBJECT / VERB,’ from teachers, app, and textbook. I can tell this is everything in the Korean language. Also, you must be aware of our responsibilities for our best lesson. 3️⃣ Remember, my analyzed only 10 grammars, conjugation, and translation strategy must be mastered before delving into extensive word (collocation) expansion and real practice for the easiest process, regardless of any age, level, problem, request, or goals. Because it enables you to understand the essence of the Korean language in just one lesson and correct your habits and any misinformation from previous teachers. Additionally, after mastering my natural and systematic curriculum, you will acquire ‘real ability’ to engage in free-talking even as a complete beginner, allowing you to master speaking, listening, reading, and writing simultaneously with genuine confidence. There’s no need to learn each part separately, wasting your precious time like other classes. 4️⃣ After checking your translation, you can immediately practice (speaking, listening, reading, writing at the same time) using my analyzed materials that cover every situation, topic, goal, and request. However, regular lessons are essential to stay on track (3~7 recommended for the best effect, but you can choose your frequency!). 5️⃣ After our lesson, strive to create ♾️ sentences for the next lesson’s correction using our analyzed materials. Solve quizzes, practice chatting with me, explore our word terms, and watch related videos.
Everything goes well _____ 모든 일이 잘 풀리다
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