You are learning a new language, and now you’re itching to discuss with local people in that language. Improve your skills and comprehension by discussing with natives! italki’s here to help you to find them wherever you are in the world.


italki can connect you one-to-one with local speakers to practice your target language. But if you’d want to take it a step further and fully immerse yourself through travel and practice the language, below is a list of italki’s choice of language immersion organizations for you to check out.



Go! Go! World




The people at Go! Go! World strive to deliver a seamless process for you to successfully live and study abroad. Started in Japan in 2009, the free service helps people from all over the world study Japanese in Japan, Korean in Korea, and Spanish in Spain!


So far, Go! Go! World has helped more than 6,000 students from 16 countries on their way. by Go! Go! World




Go! Go! World will soon be launching their dedicated site for short study abroad programs: offers unique courses which will allow you to be fully immersed in a country’s culture and learn a foreign language. You can go to Japan, Korea, or Spain and easily improve your language skills!


Each trip includes language lessons at a leading language school, accommodation, as well as cultural and traditional activities.


italki is partnering with Go! Go! World to offer you a 5 % discount on study trips.


If you would like to know more about Go! Go! World and register your interest here, and don’t forget to say ITALKI sent you!



Ailola Latino





Ailola Latino is an online travel agency that specializes in Spanish and Portuguese language trips to Latin America. The people at Ailola Latino aim to become the world’s number one Internet booking platform for Spanish and Portuguese language trips.


You can choose to improve your Spanish or Portuguese language skills from a vast selection of destinations in South America, Central America & Caribbean or the Iberian Peninsula. The people at Ailola Latino are highly selective of their language schools and have personally visited over 100 language schools to evaluate real feedback from their customers.







If you happen to plan to visit Montréal or Québec, Canada, then be sure to check out Bli Canada (BLI). BLI will be your best language destination for you to learn, and practice, English or French in Canada.


BLI operates in Montréal and Québec, Canada. They strive to give you a language learning experience that goes beyond the classroom.







Established in 1974, DILIT (Divulgazione Lingua Italiana) is one of the first language schools in Italy to teach Italian as a foreign language. DILIT has since established itself as one of the most prestigious Italian language schools in the country today.


DILIT offers a wide variety of up-to-date authentic materials to broaden your Italian language skills. As such, DILIT give students valuable information about modern-day Italian culture and society. At the same time, they develop your Italian linguistic and communicative skills.



Kaplan International




Kaplan International English would like to offer you English courses from all over the world. Hone your English proficiency by studying abroad through Kaplan's English schools. You can choose from more than 40 English schools abroad in 8 English-speaking countries around the world.


Kaplan English offers a wide range of English courses for adults, young learners, or even kids. You will learn English through their K+ system, which is specially designed to enhance learning by embracing technology as a teaching tool.







SOUFFLE gives you the unique advantages of learning French in France, Monaco, or Switzerland. The French-teaching schools that belong to SOUFFLE subscribe to a collective Charter of Quality. Located all over France, the 16 SOUFFLE member schools offer programs in French as a foreign language (FFL) program for students of all levels and ages throughout the year.


If you’re interested in immersing yourself in a French-speaking environment, trust that SOUFFLE schools hold the official quality label “FRANÇAIS LANGUE ÉTRANGÈRE” (French as a Foreign Language) issued by the Ministries of National Education, Higher Education and Research, Foreign Affairs and Culture and Communication.







If you’re looking to learn Hindi in India, then try HindiGuru. Founded in 2004, the HindiGuru Language Institute is a private institute well known for their Hindi Language programs. They are the first institute in India to provide Indian language classes in Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, Bhojpuri etc., specifically aimed at Foreigners and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Located in New Delhi, India, the teaching staff at HindiGuru are committed to learners to understand, read and write Hindi by utilizing a scientific and proven teaching methodology.



Terra Study



Terra Study is an online portal where you can book your language course worldwide. They offer more than 280 schools and around 5,000 different courses in their TERRA STUDY catalogue. Terra Study is the go-to destination for you to research the language school you are looking for. They offer information about the school’s types of courses, photos, location and video.


The people at Terra Study wants to provide you the most affordable prices. You can book any school on their website with a discount of 7% from the direct price.



*The following websites are not in English*


Enjoy Intercâmbio




Enjoy Intercâmbio is an innovative Brazilian agency focused on providing study abroad programs in English speaking countries, mainly Ireland, UK, and Malta. The company’s quality service, which covers full support starting from program planning all the way to your return to the country, is recognized by organizations such as the Quality English, ICEF, Study Travel, and over 680 clients. The company has a strong digital presence, you can check more on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.



ML Intercambios




Mundial Languages is a Brazilian consulting agency specialized on study and work abroad programs in Ireland. The country is one of the main destination for Brazilians looking to learn or improve their English skills and Mundial Languages focuses all their effort on Ireland. This likely makes them experts on all aspects related to exchange programs in Ireland. They are partners of several Irish language schools and have a local office to provide all the support their customers need. Get to know more about Mundial Languages on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


We at italki hope that you found at least one or two of these resources both insightful and actionable for your next language immersion trip. Better yet, you can try to discuss your next language immersion opportunity with your italki teacher and the two of you can select the most ideal language immersion website best suited to your needs.


Happy learning and happy traveling!




Hero image by Arthur Poulin on Unsplash