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How to learn French

If you are a beginner in the study of the French language, learning the alphabet is a good starting point. Familiarizing yourself with the 23 consonants and 16 French vowels is an essential first step in learning to distinguish the sounds of this language. This way, you can start pronouncing the first few words and sentences in French with more confidence. The tutors and teachers on italki accompany you competently from the beginning of your journey in the French language. In addition, on italki you can find some guides on specific topics related to the French language, such as the guide to the most known words or the complete guide to French grammar.

French speaking

Starting to speak a new language always creates a bit of discomfort and the fear of making mistakes is always lurking. The secret is to take the plunge without hesitation since the only way to improve a skill is to practice it. On italki you can choose three ways to practice conversing in French: a language partner with whom to converse in your language and in French, a native speaker tutor, or a qualified teacher with whom you can speak exclusively in French. How do choose a French teacher in italki? Nothing could be easier: teachers publish a presentation video in which they introduce themself and their teaching method. You will certainly find the right teacher for you. Check out the list of French conversation teachers on italki now.
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French grammar

Grammar is another important aspect of the French language. If you are an English speaker, you will have to get familiar with basic concepts such as the gender of nouns, the plural and singular, the tenses and the conjugation of verbs, as well as the conjugation of adjectives and pronouns. These are important features to master in French. With the support of italki teachers, you will be able to master French grammar in no time. The teacher you choose will create the most suitable study path for you, based on your previous knowledge. Check out the list of French grammar teachers on italki now.
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French vocabulary

If you think about it for a moment, you might find that you already know some basic French vocabulary. Almost certainly, words like "bounjour", "oui", "merci", "au revoir", "s’il vous plaît" will already be familiar to you. A good starting point is to learn other useful words to introduce yourself when meeting new people and to ask and answer simple questions. A little at a time you will be able to expand your vocabulary, starting with more generic words up to specific words in a certain sector - if, for example, you are learning French for work - or a certain subject. The tutors and teachers on italki will help you study and memorize the French vocabulary thanks to targeted exercises, designed for your level and your needs. Check out the list of French vocabulary teachers on italki now.
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French phrases

The greetings are a good starting point to start composing your first sentences in French. As with basic words, you have probably already heard some expressions like "comment ça va?" (how are you?), "Comment vous appelez-vous?" (what is your name? - formal), or “Enchanté (e)” (my pleasure). By practicing with tutors and teachers on italki you will be able to learn other greetings and gradually expand your vocabulary to talk about general or more specific topics. The study program will be developed according to your interests and needs and your level of knowledge. Check out all the French tutors now.

French learning tips

As we have already mentioned, practicing is the best way to quickly learn and improve a new skill. You can create many opportunities to use the French language: for example, you can read something in French every day, starting from simple blog articles up to more complex texts. Or you can practice listening thanks to podcasts in French. You can memorize new words by placing labels with the French names of items you have at home or in the office. Whatever way you choose, italki tutors and teachers will always be a point of reference to clarify your doubts, correct your mistakes and help you improve your French language learning. Look at all the teachers of the French language now.
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FAQs about learning French

1. Is French an easy language to learn?

The French language is considered a relatively easy language and is on the list of the ten easiest languages ​​to learn. Of course, a lot depends on your motivation, the languages ​​you already know, how often you use the French language, and how often you are in contact with French-speaking environments and native speakers.
French is a Romance language (like Italian and Spanish, for example) and has an articulated grammar that you need to know to master this language. Pronunciation is another important factor: the French language, for example, has some nasal vowels that are not present in other languages.

2. How long does it take to learn French?

The French language belongs to the category 1 languages, the group of languages ​​that also includes Italian, German and Spanish, among others. The languages ​​belonging to this group are considered to be the easiest and fastest to learn. It is estimated that 480 hours of practice are on average the hours required to reach the basic proficiency level in these languages.
By dedicating 1 hour a day, 5 days a week to learning French, you can master this language in about 6 months. Of course, if you have the opportunity to spend more time learning French, you can achieve your goal in less time.

3. How to learn French fast?

Practicing the French language in your spare time, even outside of class, is a great way to learn it faster. For example, by watching films in French with subtitles, you can learn new words and expressions typical of the language, you can notice which words are most used in the practical use of speakers, you can learn to distinguish the sounds of the language and, not least, you can get in touch with French culture.
Listening to French songs is another fun and effective way to learn French: learning a song by heart and singing it allows you to remember new words better and improve your pronunciation.

4. How to learn French online?

Studying French online is an excellent choice as it allows you to learn this language from the comfort of your home, at the times you prefer, and compatible with your schedule.
italki can be the perfect tool for your online French language learning. On this platform, you can customize your French study path by choosing between various methods: language tandem, experienced native speaker tutors, or qualified teachers. In addition, italki provides you with free guides on various aspects of the French language and exercises that you can do on your own. You can also practice writing: the articles you write will be available to all members of the italki community, who can suggest any corrections.

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