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Good after noon everyone. Today, I will talk about the country I want to visit before I die. The country is Dubai. When I saw Mrs.Devi going to Dubai on the TV show ItteQ, I was interested. I had the image that Dubai is rich and oily. However, when I looked it up, I learned that oil is not available and is supported by economic actives such as tourism and trade. There are two things I want to do when I go to Dubai. First, I want to go to Buri Khalifa. It is the tallest tower in the world with 160 floors and a height of 828m. Someday I would like to climb the observation deck and see the night view of Dubai. Second, I want to eat 24gold steak. This steak can be eaten at the Rain Steakhouse located at the Conrad Hotel. 24k gold is gold with a purity of 99.9% or more. I would be happy if I could eat golden meat. You must be able to read and speak English to go to any country. Learning English need a lot of time and money and so hard. Even so. I don't think all my had work will be in vain. Let's continue to learn English at your own pace. That's all I want to say. Thank-you for listening.
5 hours ago
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