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- It's time to OWN UP TO those HEINOUS crimes you've been committing. - It resembled a witty move in the beginning, but turned into a rather risky ESCAPADE. - At first sight a quirky campaign of 'selling' items GRATIS turned out to be an ingenious marketing move. - For a couple of months they managed to SMUGGLE pounds of stolen coffee of the highest quality. - The new Avatar film got fascinated responses for its CRACKERJACK visual effects. - Although the principal of our school was harsh and quick on detentions for just a minute's late arrival, our physics teacher could even CONDONE us skipping lessons, provided that we'll be prepared for the tests. - He disreputed our whole meeting with his SLEAZY speach. - You may call it "don't touch what works" or "don't try to gild the lily", but there's still utterly no point in revising this script.
Mar 31, 2023 6:21 PM
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