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I have a friend who is coming to the crossroads in her life: either to continue her comfortable life here or to go abroad to start a new life there. It’s not easy because she is middle aged and has worked at a company here for 20 years. If she stays where she is and works for another 10 years, she will get a stable and decent retirement pension. It seems best for her to stick to the status quo. Nevertheless, she longs for a new life in a total new land. Now she got an admission offer to study in the US, which means she will has to quit her job and won’t get the retirement money when she gets old. That’ll be very risky for her age. Even if her study in the new country goes well there, she will graduate at nearly 50 years old. We are not sure that if she starts her work at the age of 50 there, will she receive any retirement pension there when she is 60 or 65? So we discussed and she asked me to put the question on this community to get some information or advice. Thank you!
Feb 2, 2023 4:43 PM
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