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Could you please correct my appeal PM to a community moderator? The goal is: Sound formal, natural. Present the arguments persuasively (feel free to modify the expression and rewrite) and stay humble and respectful to mods. Thank you. ----- Sorry for the late reply. Been busy last week. TBH, don't you think a “5 years, 11 months” warning is too harsh for this case? You didn't specify, but I assume the rule you referred to as being violated is: [insert screenshot of the rule here] Let's be honest, the standard of “zero effort and spam” is confusing without external explanation since it is very subjective. The question is: where do we draw the line? The line is very vague, unless it is refined and clarified as you did in the first message, quote: “often in the meditation genre, use recycled music and fake artists”. However, the rule itself lacked such clear phrasing, nor did this wiki page (extended explanation of this rule) exist two years ago. In fact, there was no clear definition of this rule in the entire wiki or the rules when these torrents were uploaded. To be fair, the ambiguity in the wording of this rule does lead to misunderstanding and the unintentional violation in this case, and it's unfair to hold the member fully accountable. Therefore, here humbly plead with you to reconsider sentencing judiciously, with perspective taking and history factors taken into account. Appreciated.
an hour ago
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