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WOMEN IN JAZZ Women have had an important role in jazz msic from the beginning; however, there is a stereotype that reduce them only to vocal music: classic blues singers, vocals in swing orchestras and bebop combos, and maybe an ocasional pianist. Though female instrumentalists have obtained important achievements, it never was easy to them to get the complete recognition from jazzmen, and all of this because very similar reasons as the ones defined in the fight for equal rights in laboral world: Victorian ideas of what is the woman place, puritan fears from women a men working together (much more in tours and night shifts), steretipated atribuition of wind instruments to men and string ones to women, men's fear of unemployement when a large number of women could get jobs in their field, male influence networks, almost every agent or joint* owner being a man, paternalism or ignorance from critics, etc. Hence, the fact that numberous women could overcome such obstacles and havetheir place in the history of music is quite remarkable. Nevertheless, like in many subjects, a research and recovery of important female figures that habe been obviated is perentory. (*) Bar, restaurant, club,...
Feb 27, 2024 4:43 PM
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