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Could you please check this dialogue for mistakes? Does it sound like a real informal conversation? Any ideas what I could add to it? A: Have you heard what happened to Steve? B: About the car accident? Sure, I’m still shaken. That’s awful! A: Did he fall asleep while driving? He’s a bit out there but he’s normally very cautious as he drives… B: Really? I actually never liked Steve’s driving, it’s kinda sketchy. A: I never noticed! Poor fella… Well, I guess it’s just how it goes sometimes. B: Yeah… And you know what’s crazy? I was supposed to join him that day but I took a rain check A: No way! Why didn’t you go? B: I got swamped at work by the end of the day and couldn’t make it A: I’ve got goosebumps all over my body, you could’ve died too! B: I know, right?
7 hours ago
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