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Good afternoon, everyone. Today, I’m going to talk about the place I want to visit before I die. The place I want to go before I die is Canada. I want to go for sightseeing in Vancouver and Toronto, but the main reason is that I want to go see the aurora. Canada is famous for seeing the aurora. Especially, famous places are Yellowknife and Whitehorse in the north of Canada. But it takes a long time to get there and it's expensive. For example, to get to Yellowknife, it takes about 9 and a half hours from Narita Airport to Calgary Airport. After that, it takes about two and a half hours from Calgary Airport to Yellowknife Airport. That's about 12 hours in total. I can't do that right now. So, I want to save money and go before I die. Also, I would like to study abroad in Canada while I am a university student. I'm not confident in speaking English. So, I think I have to study very hard in order to go. However, after graduating from university and get a job, I don't think I have much free time. College students have a very long vacation. So, I want to use this time so that I don't regret it.
5 hours ago
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