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This man was crying after losing the game with Ghana yesterday which remainds me of another picture that when he was young he punched out the goal of Ghana in 2010 World Cup.After that game, he was jumping and laughing beside the field and made the opponent lost the game. He definitely didn't know that he would experience the same feeling some years later. How can I comfort him? I just want to tell you that don't happy with what you gained and never be sad with what you lost. We always try to change the world,but finally we find that the mountains are still there, the river are still flowing to the sea,nothing has changed except people who can't get out of the brith to death rule.We are just a part of the world,not the owner of the world.Try our best to help others and protect the environment are our missions. So, despite he lost the game, but Koreans would feel happy with the game. Your sacrifice gives others happiness, it is enough.Every one will respect you and encourage you to do your best.Don't give up, Big teeth Sue.You didn't lose anything.
3 hours ago
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