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Then, the natural resources in a community also have a big impact on how people live. People adapt to the landforms and water in their communities. Vice versa, people affect geography too. Depending on where the things people need are located, communities have different resources they can use. Communities must also trade to get resources that may not be found in their area, such as oil and water. Furthermore, national resources also influence people’s occupations. You don’t intend to become a miner as you live in an area with no mine. Last, the climate also affects the way people live. It’s simple. If you live in a cold climate you need warm clothes. You may live in a different kind of house than people who live where it’s always warm. People who live in communities that may have dangerous weather adapt to keep safe. Like digging a basement in case of tornadoes. To sum it up, the location of where you live is vital to your lifestyle. It affects your life in all ways. You can’t live at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in any measure unless you were a mermaid. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a mermaid friend.
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