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Hi there. I hope you having nice weekend. Would you please read my answer and check it. Thanks. Describe an important building in your city. While my hometown is home to a large imposing building, I' like to talk about a mall called City Center. It's giant skyscraper that located in the north of my city. You know, today most of people spend their own free time there, even if they have had any things in their own shopping list. To be honest, It has became a most famous place for people to go there, spend a couple of time to whaching stories, hang out with their friends or eat something at its restaurant. If I want to describe it precisely, I should say it's a multi-functional structure. Generally, you can divided it to 3 section. First and biggest section is its shopping section. You can find a thousands of retailers that sell any kind of brand, for instance, Nike, Adidas and so on. Then, the next section belongs to food. You can buy raw food or you can enjoy its restaurant. There are many of famous resturant's brunches there, and if I say briefly, it is a dinning area. The last section is entertainment section. It has an amusment park that is favorite section for kids and juvenil. I hit this mall mostly for shopping. But sometimes I go there for hang out with my friends, and sometimes I go there when I have nothing to do and just for being in society.
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