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May 24, 2024 2:40 AM
I would say that I am a professional student on iTalki because I finished more than 1000 classes :) ... but my goal was not only to learn English; I also wanted to find a better way to learn English by talking with many teachers. The main problem I wanted to solve was a lack of vocabulary to reach an advanced level. I read a lot, I had many conversations, I tried to memorize words from lists ... nothing helped me. One day, I heard about the interval approach method to learn new vocabulary ... and it changed my life. Difficult, advanced words became easier to remember. It was amazing :) ... only one thing bothered me – I needed to add new words with examples, synonyms, and context ... by hand (at that time I used Anki). Two years ago, I said, "I am not only an English student; I am a developer after all," and started my own project to improve English from Intermediate to Advanced. In the end, I created my own service – - How about reading a book and also practicing the language? -- so we got original and simplified versions of the texts (for lower Intermediate to Upper Intermediate students), as well as a dictionary with translations of words. - How about not just reading but also learning new words? -- so we've got a word repetition trainer. Download the app from, try it for free, and if you like it -- I'll double your first subscription! To do this, send me a message with the email you registered with, and I'll organize everything for you – this is only for iTalki students :)
Jun 20, 2024 9:51 AM
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