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1) I stick with the judge’s decision.These were maybe the most thrilling outfit of the competition but the designer didn’t stick with the assignment. Both the outfits were not sellable and accessible. They were both runway’s dressed. Nevertheless I loved them 2) They won the competition. I like these tailored outfits but I am not keen on them. To be blunt, they don’t give a snapshot of Japan 3) I like the second one. I love the sweater, I find it glamour and I would buy it 4) This one is my very favourite. It is made in collaboration with Adidas. The white stripes reminds me a lot of Japan, I love the shape and the fact that it is sporty but chic. 5) I am totally into the second outfit, but it reminds me more of Korea, than Japan 6) I am usually not up to total black outfits but I am definitely into the shapes of both these garments, they are crisp and cut. Plus I like the studs on the boots.
3 hours ago
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