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If you are a teacher, you definitely want all your students to be cute and obedient.A naughty boy usually drives you crazy.the worse thing is that his behaviour often has the power to cause a little butterfly effect which effects on other boys and lead them to break the rules tegether. In that case, a calm teacher is extremely necessary.the best way to deal with those boys is not to punish them.A good teacher should understand that all the boys need is to attract other's attention.Everyone needs to be respect.As a kid, they can't control themselves well, they find that it is hard to focus on studying in the classroom.So, they run around, scream and jump up and down to attract others.I have seen a great teacher has his best way to deal with the naughty ones.The way was so esay, just changed each other's role, let the naughty one had a chance to teach others.After one class, the naughty one deeply hung his head and apologized to his teacher, from then on, he became a good student.Because, when he taught his classmates , he found his followers were very stupid, all looked like idiots.He suddendly unterstood what he looked like in others' mind.There is an old Chinese saying that says that :don't ask others' to do the things what you think are correct before you experience these things first. In that case, the teacher kept quiet all the time, just let the boy experienced all the feelings by himself.If the teacher just told the boy what he should do or punished him, what the result would be?
3 hours ago
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