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average hours to spend on learning Arabic

*Average hours required to reach language proficiency equivalent to a college semester of language study (48 hours on Avg.).

How long does it take to learn Arabic?

Arabic is for its specialized grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc., not an easy language to learn. No matter what language you learn, you need to devote yourself to learning and practicing. What’s more, learning Arabic is an ongoing task. To learn how to read, speak, and write Arabic, you need to study every day. Your to-do list may contain the following tasks: learn 10 Arabic words, learn Arabic grammar, practice listening for 30 minutes, recite an Arabic article, practice speaking for 30 minutes, etc. Even so, English speakers still need to take 2,200 hours of Arabic classes. The whole process may last one and a half years.

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What is the best way to learn Arabic?
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Many effective ways help you learn Arabic. For beginners, the best way to learn Arabic is to take Arabic lessons with experienced teachers. On italki, there are more than 400 Arabic tutors. Find and hire an online Arabic teacher. Next, you can take 1-on-1 customized language courses. During the lessons, you can learn pronunciation, words, phrases, listening, writing, conversation, and Arabic culture. For those who have Arabic fundamentals, hiring a private Arabic teacher can be helpful to develop specific language skills. Besides, the best way to practice spoken Arabic is to join Arabic learning communities, and communicate with Arabic positively.

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Learn Arabic for Beginners

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Online Arabic teachers on italki help you build the fundamentals of the Arabic language, in particular, Arabic grammar.

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Business Arabic

Arabic for Business

Expand your professional network and start increasing international business opportunities with business Arabic.

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Arabic Test Preparation

Arabic Test Preparation

Prepare Arabic language proficiency test with the help of professional Arabic instructors on italki efficiently.

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Why is learning Arabic with a private teacher the best way to learn Arabic?

The advantages of learning the Arabic language with an online teacher on italki are numerous, and here's why it is preferred over traditional language courses:

recommendationA private teacher can design a study plan tailored to your needs, learning objectives, and current Arabic level.

recommendationYou will have more personal attention, and your teacher will answer any questions you may have about the language.

recommendationYour online Arabic teacher will help you get acquainted with real-life situations and conversations, which might not be the case with traditional learning.

recommendationHaving a personal Arabic teacher will help you overcome many difficulties in learning Arabic and boost your confidence.

recommendationYour teacher is always aware of your language level and will teach accordingly. They will alter their teaching style at your pace and comfort.

Why learn Arabic?

The Arabic language is widely spoken in the Middle East, and there are 422 million Arabic speakers worldwide. The petroleum industry in Arab countries generates large-scale employment for people from across the globe. Many people go to Arab countries in search of jobs and ultimately settle there. Students from all over the world move to Arab countries to pursue higher education. These practices have enhanced the importance and the need to learn Arabic.

But there are many other good reasons to learn Arabic.

Arabic is the official language of the Arab League Countries. These countries include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and many others. It's essential for people who want to work or study in these 22 countries to speak Arabic. Communication with the locals, especially vendors and service providers, can be a tedious task for residents who can't speak the language. Moreover, learning Arabic improves memory and learning skills. It also helps you understand and appreciate better the world-famous culture, art, dance, music, and literature of the Arabs. And that's why learning Arabic can be so exciting!

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