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Before you get started, let’s all admit the one thing even native speakers know: German is a tough language to crack. Although rooted in the English language family, German is in a league of its own. The language has some nuances that must be learned with care for you to achieve fluency. That’s why having an experienced tutor who knows the language like the back of their hand, helps. These nuances include: German speaking (verbal and written) - correct pronunciation, how to address people, how to initiate and sustain conversations in real life scenarios; German grammar (formal and informal)- rules of the language, correct sentence structure, exceptions, syntax, and everything that has to do with the structure of the language; German words and vocabulary - commonly used words, and other expressions that are necessary to understand, converse, read, and write fluently in German; German phrases (formal and colloquial)- learning, knowing, and implementing phrases, idioms, etc., and knowing when to use them, both in formal and informal contexts.

Learn How to Speak German with italki

German language tutors at italki have the experience and expertise that is required to help you master German in meticulous detail. Start with the basics. Learn by mastering the German alphabet, vowel, and consonant sounds. Adequate knowledge of the basics of pronunciation will help you understand and assimilate German like a native speaker. Another matter of great importance is diction and pronunciation. German words are often not pronounced per their spelling. Knowing common conjugations and the sounds they imitate are key to speaking and understanding the language. Here are a few ways in which you can improve your German language skills. Listen to German podcasts, music, audio, etc. Watch German films along with German subtitles.

How to Learn German Grammar

Like any new language, learning the rules of grammar is non-negotiable in your language learning journey. What does learning German grammar entail? First, learning the syntax in which different words (parts of speech) are used in spoken and written language. Next, usage and application of verbs and tenses (includes conjugation, gender-specific usage, etc.). Besides, knowing the basic rules which govern the spoken and written word. Mugging up the rules without the knowledge of application will not yield desired results. To practice German grammar, you should solve grammar worksheets to get a working knowledge of the language, read German literature and write short essays in the language on a regular basis. Since German and English are closely related, having sound knowledge of the latter can help you get a better grasp on the former. However, refrain from translating from English to German in your head while writing practice assignments.
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How to Improve Your German Vocabulary

Vocabulary comprises words that are used in both formal and informal conversations, whether spoken or written. There are a few surefire ways of adding to your German vocabulary: Learn five new words every day and make sentences with them/use them in conversation. Read in German- this could include recent blogs, literature, following influencers who write in German on social media, and a host of other things and listen to German music while looking up the lyrics. Instead of straight-up memorizing new words, learn them in their socio-cultural context. It helps with better retention and application. Need some help with expanding your German vocabulary?

How to Learn German Phrases

German boasts some of the best phrases and idiomatic expressions in any language. Learning these can help you use the language in the best possible way. While you can always look up a list of German phrases on Google or get yourself a book, tutors can fasten the process of learning. Learn from professionals. Choose italki’s community of German teachers Find your German tutor here.

Secret Tips to Learning German

Want to learn German and get better at it every day? These top tips can help you out. Get yourself a good dictionary and sample worksheets. Allott one hour every day to German practice and switch between listening and writing exercises. Talk to other learners or German speakers outside class, especially in normal social situations. Read, read, and read some more. Consume films, videos, music, podcasts, etc. made in German. Pace it out- you will not become an expert in a day. Have patience.
Why learn German as a foreign language?
Why learn German as a foreign language?
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The guidelines a beginner needs to follow to learn German online for free
The guidelines a beginner needs to follow to learn German online for free
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How to become fluent in German?
How to become fluent in German?
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11 German songs to help you learn German
11 German songs to help you learn German
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What’s the best way to learn German on your own?
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German language levels: certifications, levels, types that show where you are at with your German
German language levels: certifications, levels, types that show where you are at with your German
Learn the recognized German language levels to show your proficiency. Find globally recognized certifications so that nothing will stop you from a successful life in Germany.
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FAQs About Learning German

1. Is German an easy language to learn?

While a lot depends on your familiarity with languages and your mother tongue, German is one of the tougher languages to learn. Dedicate time and effort to the learning process.
italki brings you the best teachers to help you learn German. Make use of it!

2. How long does it take to learn German?

That is subjective. Truly mastering a language can take years. Although you certainly become conversant in it in a matter of months.

3. How to learn German fast?

The only way to learn German fast is to get started and practice it every single day. Make language learning a part of your routine. Include it in your daily activities. Be in touch outside your classes and make an effort.

4. How to learn German online?

Head to the italki website and choose a tutor. Our language teachers are highly experienced and will provide you with 1-on-1 lessons to handhold you through the learning process. Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home with pay per lesson plans that don’t blow a hole in your budget.

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