1 – Know your goals and Visualize them


Just focus on what YOU need, forget what you don’t need.


When visualizing yourself speaking French in a particular context, your brain will automatically FOCUS on the specific vocabulary that will be useful in this situation in the future. Is it being a tourist in Paris? Writing a love song? Giving a work speech? Buying a croissant in the best Boulangerie in Bordeaux?

See yourself doing this. Then, choose the best method for reaching this particular goal.



2- Practice a little bit every day


It can be mindful listening to a native speaker, fun interactive games on apps, writing a journal, reading blogs, etc. It has to be a focused and fun practice for YOU. What do you like doing? Watching ted talks, playing games, beginning a new series, reading the news?…Well, Do it in French! And make it a nice and easy habit.


15 minutes per day, Olala, les progrès sont MAGIQUES.


3- NO PRESSURE: You will make mistakes, be ok with it


Please have fun. Talk to your teacher about what you are interested in, FORGET about making mistakes, no one cares, you are here to learn, and teachers are here to HELP, not to JUDGE.


And, let’s be honest, no one will EVER judge a foreigner for making efforts to speak another language! Or if they do they are really BAD and NOT NICE people so GET AWAY from them! QUICK !!!


Your beliefs on whether you can or can’t is what will determine 95% of the learning process. You always can. With trust, and with the right method.



4 – Listen


The first time you heard French, it must have sounded like “Ohjuydobeyceyfabluh”.  After a few lessons it sounded like “OhOui RobeyceyFabluh”.  And after a few more it sounded like “Oh oui Robert c’est Fabuleux!”


The more you listen, the more your brain and you ears will get used to the WEIRDness of it. And the less weird it will become. I used to go to meetings called “English Tables” in my city. People from everywhere in the world meeting in a bar, speaking English, while drinking beers! How cool is that? You can find out on facebook if there are these kind of groups in your city, or even create your own!





5- Find a method and a teacher that suit your learning style


You are on Italki! You have this GREAT opportunity to CHOOSE the teacher with whom you’ll connect the best, and who will have a method that suits your learning styles and your goals! Enjoy, and take this opportunity!


You don’t feel 100% comfortable with your current teacher? That’s FINE, please keep looking. We are thousands out there. Trust me, you will soon find a teacher that’s perfect for YOU.




Get comfortable speaking French with Camille!

Hero Image by Darren Coleshill on Unsplash