While learning Russian you might have already encountered a lot of phrases and expressions which seemed strange. I should like to help you to review some of these expressions.


1. Ничего




It can be quite pertubating when it is a responce to the question «  How are you? » and in this case it will mean » I am fine », besides this word can signify  « Don’t need to excuse, everything is all right » when someone demanded pardon.


2. ноги в руки и вперед 


"Put your legs in your arms and go forward"


This phrase means that you need to hurry up.


3. да нет, наверное


yes no, maybe 


This phrase can make a person astonished because it consistes of a confirmaiton, negation and a state of uncertainty. What it really means in Russian? It’s an expression of uncertain negation with a small possibility of a positive decision.


4. руки не доходят посмотреть 


"Hands do not reach to watch"


This incredible expression indicates that a person doesn’t have anought time to watch or to do something.


5. старый новый год &ldquo


"The Old New Year"


This amasing expression means an informal holiday of the New Year celebrated according to gregorian calender. Thes holiday is not as global as a New Year but it keeps it’s nostalgic parfume for many people and plays a final role in the marry- go-round of holidays.


6. давай, до завтра!


"Give, see you tomorrow"


When you hear this expression you don’t need to give anything, it just means » ok, see you tomorrow »




7. умереть-не встать!




It expresses the highest degree of suririse, an unexpected astonishment. It can be used as well as an angry reply to someone who has said something that you do not like.


8. Угу


"You are welcome, "thanks" or "Good morning!" (as a reply)


9. Мне глубоко фиолетово


"For me, it’s deeply violet"


Actually this phrase is used to say that you don’t care at all about something.


10. Базара нет


"There is no marketplace"


It signifies that, everything is all right, no problem, no questions.


I hope that this article cleared up a bit some Russian expressions and words which you may hear from people in everyday life. Next time you hear something like : "Как дела? »you can reply « Ничего » or say « давай, до завтра » instead of « пока ».


Hero image by Alexander Popov on Unsplash