Most of us have felt a twinge of envy at a friend who is fluent in a second language. Perhaps you and your friend were travelling through England and you became overly reliant on your friend's language abilities. It could be you wanted to order food, ask about healthy food, or even ask about a job vacancy? But envy is a very destructive force and one of the mind's biggest time wasters.


It would be far more profitable to spend 'envy' time on the task of learning English. With benefits such as travelling, your career and health – there has never been a better time to start planning how you will study English to your best advantage.


A Language With A Host Of Benefits


For the career minded, England is currently on the look out for translators who can deal with a range of customers from Vietnam, China and several other countries. These positions are very well paid as finding candidates who also have a good working knowledge of English is not easy. Document translation is also another booming business in England with a good salary for able applicants.


Anyone asking 'Why learn different languages?' need only visit a book store to see numerous titles on the growth of the global economy and the job opportunities available to the studious.


Natural Selection


As with any job, only the best and most able candidates will be chosen for English speaking jobs. If you would like to be a successful candidate then you need to know the most efficient way to learn a language. You don't want to waste months, or years, of your life paying for expensive language learning materials and getting nowhere fast. Here's a list of the three most common forms of learning the English language:


    1. Smartphone apps.
    2. Home study textbooks with additional audio materials.
    3. Online classes with an English teacher.


Out of these three options, online classes with a professional teacher are the best method to learn English whilst also being the cheapest. Smartphone apps and textbooks cannot provide realistic human feedback and cannot tell you if your abilities are improving.


Studying In Monthly Blocks


Online tutoring with an English teacher can be budget friendly in providing you with specific instruction in a particular area. Let's say you are still struggling with giving directions in English? You can agree with an online tutor to follow a programme of study in this area. While you cannot learn a language in a month, you can accomplish a great deal in that time frame. Perhaps you want to learn the basics of making conversation with a stranger? This can easily be done in the course of a month, and at a study time which suits you.



Tips For Learning English Quickly


The question of how to learn easily and faster can be answered with practice. As well as professional online English lessons with a teacher, we would recommend you immerse yourself in the English language by doing the following:


  1. Listen to English spoken audiobooks – there are many for free on YouTube.
  2. Buy English language newspapers and magazines.
  3. Watch English language television shows – Game of Thrones is highly recommended as the English in it is spoken slowly and clearly.


By immersing yourself with the above methods, even your relaxing times of day will be able to help you learn English. And all of them can be done from the comfort of an armchair while sipping coffee or an English breakfast tea.


An Online Network Of English Friends


A little known benefit of studying English online is the ability to connect with other English speakers. The art of speaking English on the telephone is a good skill to have. It is also easy to practice online, and your English speaking friends can help you too. Your career may also get a boost from practising speaking English on the phone. The next time your boss wants someone to call his English trading company, you can volunteer and it may even get you a pay-rise.


Remember that to improve the quality of your life, you need to be developing skills which make you both important and essential to businesses. If you get good enough at English, you could also have your own business on the side teaching English.


Ultimately, to help learn the English language you need to realise that you have to prioritise learning the English language. That way, you can leave envy at home and get a well paid English speaking job abroad.


Hero image by rawpixel on Unsplash