Music is a determining factor of culture for all countries and Colombia is no exception. In Colombia, music is considered an element of great importance for the social and cultural union. Therefore, there are many musical genres in charge of bringing happiness to all national and foreign inhabitants. Here are the 5 best music genres in Colombia.


Vallenato is one of the first musical genres created in Colombia, full of Caribbean sounds where the participation of musical instruments such as the accordion, drum, guitar, and guacharaca stands out. At the beginning of the genre, only the four previous instruments were used for the creation of its tonalities, but with the passing of time, many more instruments were added such as drums, piano, percussion, among others.

This genre is originally from the Colombian Caribbean coast and is considered a musical genre born from the countryside and farms, with lyrics of love, passion, party, sadness, etc. It has been internationalized with the passing of time in other Latin and European countries. Among its most popular singers are: Carlos vives, Poncho Zuleta, Silvestre Dangond, Rafael Orozco.


Salsa is recognized as a very popular musical genre in Latin America, in Colombia, we have great exponents of salsa as Joe Arroyo and El Grupo Niche, this genre became popular mainly in the Pacific of Colombia, in cities like Cali, salsa has been the cultural identity of that city, where the rhythm of drums and maracas citizens demonstrate their culture to the world. This genre has generated great admiration worldwide due to the essence of its dance, being denominated as one of the main genres used for dance competitions.


This genre is one of the most listened to in general in my country because it has pleasant rhythms for adults, young people, and children, very catchy music that has become very famous worldwide because its singers constantly make collaborations with world artists. In the city of Medellin, we have the greatest essence of reggaeton culture, in this city, we find very famous singers such as Maluma, J Balvin, Feid, etc.

It is played a lot in parties, discos, and meetings, it has different ways of dancing that are attractive for the new generations, besides, it is a genre that lives in a constant update to the new rhythms that are seen in the society.


The champeta is a musical genre heard a lot on the Caribbean coast of Colombia in cities like; Barranquilla, and Cartagena, among others. It is a genre that fills with cultural music and modern rhythms with ancient rhythms. This genre was born in Africa and with the passing of time was on a journey to reach the Caribbean coast where it has been updated and brought to catchy rhythms that produce joy, joy, and good humor in whoever listens to it.

It is a genre heard in neighborhoods as well as in weddings and parties representative of the culture, it could be said that the champeta was formed with the Spanish language in Colombia because in Colombia the artists took the African rhythms and merged them with Spanish lyrics that led to the champeta was heard in several places around the world. Some of its famous singers are Mr. Black, Kevin Florez, and Papoman.


Cumbia is a genre full of a lot of culture in its rhythms and dances, although its origin is usually very confusing because in several countries of South America cumbia is heard, with different tones, it is usually very difficult to say which country is the original cumbia. This musical genre in Colombia includes all the cities of Colombia, because it has a very important ancestral value for Colombians, cumbia dances have been practiced since many years ago for the celebration of important events. Cumbia is heard with drum, tambora, and maracas rhythms, they are few instruments, but they generate completely authentic melodies.

In cumbia there are usually no singers, it is a genre that is made up of groups or orchestras that are responsible for making a great group work to generate passion and joy in their listeners, along with their music cumbia has traditional costumes that produce recognition for those who sing and dance this genre. Generally, it is a white suit with a red scarf for men and a white dress for women, this costume is representative of the ancestors who started cumbia in its early years.

These are the most popular musical genres in Colombia, they are genres full of a lot of cultures, we know that music is a universal language that unites society, and for that reason, it is necessary to know the music of a country to recognize its cultural roots.

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