IELTS questions become harder because synonyms are used to make them harder. A synonym is a word that has a similar meaning to another word. This is one of the keys to obtaining a good score in all four sections of the IETLS test. The use of synonyms. Although words are important it is a sentence structure that gives words their meaning. These can be confusing, but you can find an online English Tutor to help you. 

“Dog” Hmm not very exciting is it.

“The big brown dog” is a little better but still not an interesting thought to have.

“ The humongous dog, the color of slimy mud” is much better. Most people would want to read more and probably visualize the dog as they read, giving them a connection to your writing.

Let’s take some of the most common words in the English language and make them more interesting than being just common. Let's learn their synonyms.

Let’s start with some Nouns.   


Dogs have different breeds so to spice up a description of a dog you might want to use the breed of the dog instead.

Saint Bernard

- This is a large dog. They are slow but can go anywhere. Expert mountain climbers but much happier sleeping. 

Example: Saint Bernard lumbered across the snow to the freezing explorer.


- Terriers are small and agile. Build to chase a rabbit down a hole. 

Example: Scampering through the undergrowth the Terrier bounded into the rabbit hole.


- This breed is known to be a good friend. Easy to look after with a gentle personality.

Example: The Labrador sat quietly waiting for its dinner. The droll dropped to the floor in front of her.

Another common Noun 



It could become so much more interesting by using these synonyms.


- A mansion is normally big, expensive, and an expression of the owner’s wealth.

Example: After many years of working hard he looked up at the small but beautiful mansion he had built for himself.


- A cottage is often small but very practical. They are often found in the country surrounded by nature. 

Example: After driving for a day they stopped at the cottage, on the hill, that would become their home for the next 2 years.

High rise apartment

: Found in cities a high-rise apartment gives good views and a convenient way of life.

Example: She looked over the city. The high-rise apartment, she had been given as a promotion, was all she had ever dreamed of.


They should be fun Right? So let’s make them fun with these synonyms.


- A car with four doors and a boot (trunk). Most Taxis are saloons.

Example: With his 6 children and his wife in the saloon there was not much space for the luggage. He only wished he had bought the estate.

Estate or station wagon

- This is a car with a large door at the back. Similar to a saloon but the boot is replaced by a large luggage area.

Example: His estate was great for pulling up to the beach. Surfing all day and then falling asleep in the large luggage area in the back under the stars.


- A two-door car that is more about speed than comfort. Most guys think a coupé is the best type of car to get a girlfriend.

Example: He slowed in front of her. Looking real smooth in his bright red coupé. She just laughed and kept walking.

Using these words in practice.

Let’s make an interesting fictional story using our synonyms. I hope you can visualize the situation described in this short story. 

He sat outside his huge mansion trying to understand where he had gone wrong. She sat inside the saloon with their six children. Eagerly waiting to leave for their long-awaited holiday to the south of France. How could he get all the luggage in such a small boot?

He closed his eyes. Visualized the days when it was just him and his wife cruising through the countryside in the bright yellow coupé. The roof down and the wind in their hair. St Bernard is in the back seat. Smiling like a Labrador as the wind blew through its long fur. Its ears flapping about, in the rapid breeze, like a terrier chasing a rabbit. Those days were gone.

He had built a beautiful Mansion with the money he had made. He had a high rise in the city, paid for by the years he had slaved at his job to give his family all he could give. But now he sat on the footpath. He had made so many good decisions in life but this one had been a mistake. If only he had bought an SUV instead of the saloon. ( Homework- Find out what an SUV is?)

IELTS is about the use of language. This is what makes it a much better test than all the others. The money you spend today will be returned as you rise higher in your chosen career. IELTS is a good investment. So study English Online

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In the comments below using synonyms to tell me about your house, car, and pet.

Have fun