What’s new? What’s changed? Here’s a short guide answering the top questions we’ve received.   

What’s new?

  • Exercises - Practice and improve your skills through audio and written exercises.
  • Questions - Got a burning question? Get unstuck here.
  • Posts - Share your learning milestones, stories, and more.
  • Topics - Meet, connect, and grow through language and culture discussions.  

Where are my posts from the web version of Community?

Don’t worry, your work isn’t gone! You can find your past work in these renamed sections.

  • Notebook → Exercise
  • Answers → Questions
  • Discussion → Posts

What happened to the web version of the Community?

The web version of the Community is now only viewable (so you won't be able to post new content) but will be upgraded in the future.

Where are my italki friends?

You can find them in the “Me” tab under “Followers”. 

What are Followers and Following?

We’ve changed from Friends to a Follower-Following relationship. You can start Following users who interest you. You can then see all their community activities. Other users can become your Followers. They will be able to see your community activity feed.

If only one user is following another user, this is a one-sided Follower-Following relationship. You can only see each other's activities and only interact in the public community. You cannot send private messages to each other.

Private messaging is unlocked only when both users agree to follow each other. This is a better experience for everyone.

Where’s Language Partners?

We’ve retired the Language Partners feature for a more flexible and interactive Community.

Do not post "I'm looking for a Language Partner" posts as these posts clutter our Community. If you are interested in Language Partners, write that you are looking for a Language Partner on your User Profile Page.

The best way to find a Language Partner is to contribute to the community. Do a written or audio exercise, upload an interesting photo, show that you are interested in learning a language by helping others. Give them a reason to say thank you and Follow you. Then you can follow them back to unlock private messaging. When we create an atmosphere where everyone is contributing and genuinely helping each other learn a new language, the whole community benefits.

Community Rules Reminder

Please read our official Community Conduct and Content Policy. Here's the short version.

  • No Spam and Advertisements
  • No Political or Religious Posts;
  • No Searching for a Romantic Relationship;
  • Do Not Post Your Private Information

Got feedback? Tell us in the #NewCommunityFeedback topic

Tell us what you think in the #NewCommunityFeedback Topic. Thanks for helping us build a better Community!