The italki Language Challenge is a 45-day challenge where learners track their lessons and earn rewards for hitting their language goals. It is a remarkable way to help you accomplish a small goal in a set period of time, to get you closer to your ultimate language goal. You can not only improve your language skills and win rewards, but also form a habit of learning that will stick with you.

New Year, New You, New Resolutions. Now, at the beginning of 2021, joining the New Year italki Language Challenge would be an amazing opportunity to start off learning strong! Like Gretchen Rubin wrote, “what you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.” Feeling motivated? Here are some tips to set you off for a successful Language Challenge journey:


Set a realistic goal of learning hours and a specific achievement. 

There’s no need to try to improve all of your skills in only 45 days, instead, aim for an attainable goal. Pick a few or only one skill to master: is it to improve pronunciation? Or increase your vocabulary? Or gain confidence in your target language?...

Even though it is hard to measure progress in language learning, it is not impossible. For example, if your goal is to master business interviews in English, you can ask your teacher to give you a mock interview at the end to evaluate. All things considered, setting a realistic and measurable agoal with a visible improvement at the end of the challenge, will be extremely effective and highly motivating for your future learning.

Plan out your schedule ahead and stay focused.  

After you set your goals, plan out what days and times you want to study each week. You wouldn’t want time slots with your favourite teachers become unavailable during the challenge. Also, remember to leave some time for review and practice. 

Sometimes, life gets in the way, we’ve all been there. With other commitments, one can be easily distracted from the original goals. But, keep in mind: you are the master of your time. A new season of your favorite show launching on Netflix? Ask your friends to spare you the spoilers! Binge after you finish the challenge. If you are scheduled to study, make it happen. Focusing on one lesson at a time is the key to success.

Buy a language workbook or a new notebook for this challenge.


A workbook/notebook is essential to plan out a study schedule, take notes and keep track of your language learning process. Develop your own unique organizing method that’s simple and clear. 

For instance, you can jog down motivational quotes every couple of pages to inspire yourself. A weekly summary is also very helpful to reflect and adjust your learning pace and method. Recognize your small improvements by marking them with fun colors and stickers to celebrate in an aesthetically pleasing way :)

Download the italki language app 

The italki mobile app can be especially convenient for the Language Challenge. You can access your lessons anywhere anytime! Why not take a lesson in the park, or at midnight when you are feeling inspired? The app also offers reminders for booked sessions, so you won’t miss your lessons in such a busy schedule. 

The Community in the italki language app is a great way to polish up your skills in your free time. You can ask questions and receive professional feedback; find specific exercises and share experiences with fellow language learners etc.


Connect with your fellow italki challengers


italki is all about bridging students and teachers together from all over the world. On italki’s official Social Media accounts(Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, VK, WeChat), you can find learning tips, words of encouragement, fun facts etc. Connect with fellow italki challengers around the globe and let yourself be heard in the comment section and we or other language learners will give you FREE words of motivation!