As you know, each child has their own needs, and each parent has their own goals they want their child to achieve. So, parents, how can you find the right teacher to meet these needs and goals? 


1) Do Your Homework

Before starting lessons with a new teacher, make sure they are a good fit for you and your child. Make sure both you and your child watch the introduction video on the teacher’s profile, look at what lessons they offer, their work experience/qualifications, and check their student reviews. 

You can also message the teacher and ask them about their classes. 

You might want to ask them some of the following questions: 

  • What can you offer my child as a teacher? 
  • What does an average class look like? (Activities/Homework) 
  • What is your teaching style and way of teaching?
  • How can you keep your child motivated and focused during classes?
  • What materials and resources do you use for your classes?

Of course, you can ask other questions that you feel are important. By speaking to your teacher of choice before the first class, you can make sure both you and your child are happy, comfortable, and know what to expect. 


2) Communicate Your Childs Needs

In the trial lesson, or in the first lesson, it is important to establish exactly what your child wants to improve in their classes. Is it speaking skills? Writing skills? Reading Skills? Be sure either you or your child communicates this with their teacher so they can plan accordingly and make sure the lesson focuses on the correct skills. 


Also, if you know about your child's preferred learning style, be sure to share this with your teacher too. Are they visual/audio learners? Do they need lots of support and encouragement or firm guidance? What are they interested in, and what motivates them?


Communicating this information early in your child’s journey with their teacher/tutor, will result in more meaningful, productive, and useful lessons for your children!


3) Set your Budget

For many parents, language lessons for kids can be expensive and difficult to afford in some situations. However, when choosing a teacher or tutor, remember to focus on value, not just price. Of course, there are lots of great tutors who offer affordable classes at a lower price range, but a more expensive professional teacher could be a better option for your children and may be much more effective in meeting the needs of your child. 


4) Make the most of your Trial Lessons

Remember, each new user of italki has 3 trial lessons to enjoy when joining. Make sure to use all the trial lessons to find the perfect fit for you and your child! Choosing a new teacher is a big decision for you and your child, and finding the perfect fit is even more important, so be sure to take advantage of your 3 trial lessons. 

After each trial lesson, you may want to ask your child for their feedback on the class, what they enjoyed about the class, and if they would like to continue classes with that teacher. 


As a parent, you may also like to take a class with that teacher yourself, so that you can better understand the teacher and the strategies and techniques for their classes. 


5) The Guiding Hand

Many children find it difficult to study and learn well with a parent sitting next to them for the whole lesson. However, checking in from time to time can be a great way to see how your child interacts with the teacher. Is your child comfortable? Are they enjoying classes and having fun? Are they learning and making good progress?


Be sure to ask for feedback from your child and teacher regularly, as it can be useful to check and review what your child has learned and the progress they have made. If your child does not improve or you don’t see sufficient improvement after several sessions, it may be necessary to move to another tutor. If this happens, be sure to communicate openly with your teacher, and let them know your concerns, so that they can try to rectify the situation. 


In most cases, parents are extremely happy with the teaching their child receives on italki, and many students go on to learn with their teachers for a very long time! 


Just remember, finding and keeping a good teacher or tutor for your kids may take some work on your part, but helping them to succeed in learning a new language is one of the best gifts you can give your child! 


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