Losing my job at 40 years old. I am 41 years old. Last year, I lost my job 2 times. I was worry about that. About my sill in my job, I've given myself 7 point I think it is ok , other skill is the same, why I lost my job last year? I spent my times and thought seriously about that. You will not guess what will happen in the future such as Covid 19 pandemic, bankrupt from your company, change position at work... will not exactly guess. After throught, I have two lessons for myself: 1.I always have a prejudice againsts people who make it diffecult for me at work. That is my wrong.Probably I should pass things and focus in my work instead every day when I went to compamy and full thought what will bad things happen with me, that was really bad mind. Those mind brought bad power. I was bored then my has been leave my job.=>You must pass bad power. 2.Always choose easiness. I have experience over 10 years but I did not understand what is the manager, just work as machine. Probably I must have more knowledge at this time, but i have no things about manager. A new accountant at 23 to 26 years old maybe make ok the same me, but they are going earn 50% my salary. That is not fair. Unlucky for me. My ex-boss is very smart. I Lost my job again.=> Always take your job, kmowledge to higher level. 2.
Feb 27, 2021 3:25 AM
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