Here is the construction dedicated to Petya and Gavrik, the main characters in Valentin Kataiev's story "The Sail Is Whitening Alone". Valentin Kataiev wrote the story about the 1905s revolution. The name of this story is the same as Mikhail Lermontov's poem and it's not just because. You can see throught the book a sailor that was almost caught in the beginning, but he is one of figures that's pushing a revolution. Two guys in the photo, from left to right is Petya and Gavrik. It can be known if you see the clothes they're wearing, the left one wears a student's cap, t-shirt and shorts and he seems to be couth. The other one wear rough clothes, and he is barefoot. From the story we know that Petya passes his exams and gets to the school, while the other one, Gavrik, live with his grandfather on the beach behind the sea at a cabin. The story happens in Odessa and it's good shown, especially the famous Odessa's marketplace where the Gavrik's grandfather sells fish he hunted (caught??) to the end-seller that sits and resells there. Petya has his brother, his name is Pavlik. Interesting fact I've read Petya is the character was based on the writer and his brother Pavlik was based on his brother Eugene Kataiev also known as Eugene Petrov that was a coauthor of Ilia Ilf. Another interesting fact that connects to the one of my previous posts where I took a photo of the Tirasplol'skaia street: The ship Petya and his father use to get to the Akkerman from Odessa and vice versa is called "Turgenev" and we have an electrical transformer placed on the crossroad of Kolontaievskaia and Staroportofrankovskaia street on which is the reference to it, it's written "Turgenev has been traveling for 30 years between Odessa and Akkerman" on it, exactly what we have in the book, but they dropped that "Turgenev" was already in the bad condition before that.
Feb 25, 2021 10:18 PM