Mouse-ear Wife: “I gather the mouse-ear, But I can’t fill my shallow basket. Sick for my husband dear, I leave it by the road.” Husband: “The rock-covered height I’m climbing up, Has tried and tired my horse. I drink my golden cup, Hoping to think of my wife less.” “The lofty ridge I’m climbing up, Has dizzied my horse in strife. I drink my rhino cup, So as to relieve my grief.” “I climb the flat -topped height , But my worn-out horse won’t go, And my servant is ill. Oh, how great is my woe!” Remarks: This is a poem written by me, could you please give me some advice from the following 3 aspects, dear friends? 1: how much can you understand about this poem, 20% or 50%,80% or...? 2. Which word or sentence puzzles you? 3. Can you give a brief evaluation about my poem? I really need your feedback. thank you so much!
Jun 11, 2021 3:55 PM