Could somebody check this please? Choose a place you visited and liked or disliked. Describe it and explain why you stick to the certain opinion. Not long ago my friend and I visited Vologda and this trip was absolutely amazing… except for one thing. One day we decided to discover smaller towns next to Vologda and chose Kadnikov while our hotel administrator recommended it as a place where one can appreciate the beauty of old buildings untouched. UNTOUCHED INDEED, I say. These houses are about to crumble away, because nobody cares about historical heritage in the regions, and there is nothing to approve in it. The town itself looks more like a village with a central square that has tiny gift shops (they were closed when we arrived, btw). And as if it wasn’t enough, Kadnikov mosquitos are crazy. Bloodthirsty monsters. We ran away as fast as we could.
Jun 13, 2021 1:49 PM