Yi chen
It is summer. The warm wind blows through the branches of the trees. Mamma has done her day's work, and her children, Ruyi and Jixiang, have completed their study. They learned their lessons well, and both feel happy. Supper is over. Mamma has put the little reading room in order. The big yellow moon hangs over the window. On the table are a pile of books. They seem to say, " Won't you read me?" Jixiang reads a story in a new book, and Ruyi watches YouTube on the phone. She suddenly bursts out with laughter. Jixiang asked, " what makes you laugh?" Ruyi shows him the video, in which a city rat was dragging a slice of pizza in New York's subway. They have watched this funny event. After all, Ruyi declared, " It inspires me to write a story about a city rat. I decide to name my character - " Timmy". Ruyi set to work at once to write the story. By and by, she will tell her brother what she has been writing about, and Jixiang will give his thoughts over the story. Ruyi and Jixiang's bedtime will come first. They kiss their dear mother and father a sweet good night. My children write a diary . Can you correct for me .
Jun 13, 2021 4:45 PM