Bryan Le
How do you think about long term travelling and what are the possibilities of working while travelling? I have always wanted to travel around the world to explore cultures and foods in different parts of the world. I think many people also dream to travel like me. One of the challenges is how do we finance the trip or earn enough money to pay for our living while travelling for a long time, say 1 or 3 years? In our life, we tend to work hard (not so much enjoy the city) and looking for a holiday break in a new city or beach. We work hard for many months or year to exchange for short trip holidays. I know some people enjoy the holiday ( for years) while still working. In the past, it was not easy, especially to find work and make the living while travelling. Nowadays, technology creates new jobs and allow people to deliver the work from wherever they are. Youtuber and blogger are examples. Passionate travellers are making enough money by creating short videos or blogs whenever they travel. Zoom and Team enable people to work remotely. So they can be anywhere they want to be while still deliver the work assigned to them on time. Covid-19 has changed people a lot. It makes people think again about how they want to spend their life with their loved ones. Somehow it drives people to leave the crowded cities and move to the countryside. In the US, many passionate travellers sold their home and bought a camper van to travel the world. Lots of examples that covid and technology enable people to convert to long time traveller and working on the go. It is possible. I am a passionate traveller and I plan to be semi travel-work one day.
Jun 19, 2021 11:00 AM