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Apparently, Korean netizens are mad at a British celebrity called Sara Cox right now. It's because she recently shared her "fried dog meat" anecdote on the radio.  According to her statement, when she was modeling in South Korea 20 years ago, she accidentally ate fried dog meat that was mixed in a bucket of fried chicken. She didn't realize it was dog meat until she found something like an elbow bone in the bucket. lol. My thoughts? What kinda bollxcking bollxcks is this woman talking about? 😂 First, Koreans have never heard of this "fried dog meat." When we eat a dog, we boil its meat and make it into a soup called boshintang. Next, dog meat is way more expensive than chicken. Does she really want us to believe that a chicken restaurant owner "accidentally" mixed such pricey meat with chicken?  I’m just guessing she made up the whole story to implicitly point a finger at South Korea and its dog meat culture. I wouldn’t mind if someone criticized the culture (even though I generally consider it hypocritical when meat-eaters do it.). Just don’t make up weird stories. Lol. 😂  (On a slightly less related note, she even mentioned that there was no McDonald's in Seoul 20 years ago. lol. Even back then, South Korea was developed enough to host the World Cup, and the Korean Wave (한류) was big in Asia.)
Jun 21, 2021 12:32 AM