Fanny Sue Wolke
Hey, could someone please correct this? Thank you in advance :) The poster was published in the textbook "Context starter" by Cornel son in 2016 on page 161. The drawer wanted to call attention to the global warming crisis. On the black background is in the centre an ice cream cone with a melting scoop of ice cream on top of it. By virtue of the significantly "continent" shaped spots on the dark blue ice cream ball, you can reason that the melting ball is representing the earth. The melting ball is highlighted by a white shine around it. Above the ice cream cone there is printed "Global warming" and beneath the cone "I-scream!". The front is printed in thick, blood-red capital letters. Around the letters there are spots, looking like dripplets of blood. The melting globe on the cone shows straight forwards what the problem is. Our world is getting too hot and we are melting. The figurative message is emphasised by the pun beneath it. "I-Scream!" points to the word "Ice cream" and so to the melting world. Also it presents that the global warming is a dangerous problem. It is so scary that you start screaming. The front "Global Warming" above the cone gives the poster an title. The arrangement of picture and letters reminds of a movie poster. The horror-like front type, the red front color and the black background give the whole poster the touch of a horror movie. Also the white glooming around the world/ice ball is providing a scary and ghost-like atmosphere. I assume that the poster was part of a climate demonstration or project. I am very impressed by the poster. It is simple and direct. Everyone knows by first sight, what it is about . It remains in people's minds because of the funny but serious pun and the common item of an ice cream cone. To change people's behavior in order to make them act more sustainable, an idea has to stick with them. I belive that this poster changed and will change a lot of people's though about the environment.
Feb 20, 2021 4:14 PM