Community Tutor
Do you need advice about English pronunciation? Are you wanting to sound more English? Here’s the most common pronunciation mistakes I’ve encountered with students on Italki after being a tutor for 2 ½ years on Italki. These mistakes come from students around the word. Vowel sounds mispronounced. Usually vowels A and i. Students not enunciating. When I ‘see’ their mouth when they speak during lessons, they don’t move their mouth much. International students are not used to moving their lips/tongue when they speak. When many of them speak their mouth stays in the same formation hence why the letter sounds aren’t clear. They blend words together. Yes native English speakers do sometimes blend words together if they’re speaking with friends but we still clearly understand what each other is saying. Words need to be clear. Letter sounds need to be correctly pronounced. There’s no melody when they speak. It’s very one tone. Which would be monotone. They forget to pronounce the last letter in certain words. Sometimes students speak in jagged, choppy tone. Which makes them sound like a robot. Which shows they need to work on sounding fluid and natural.
Feb 24, 2021 11:08 PM