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“I like winter just as summer. I love autumn and spring. Each season has its own bliss.” What is your favorite season? Vote for your favorite season and let us know the reason in the comments section. You are also welcome to post photos of your favorite season taken by yourself with the hashtag #MyFavoriteSeason. We will select 12 users (3 people per season) from the comments and posts and award them with $10 italki Credits. The more you post the more chances you have to win!
Vote for your favorite season!
Spring, the year’s pleasant king.
Summer, always fresh and simmered in sunshine
Autumn, swaying in the westerly wind.
Winter, a ballet conducted by the gentle wind.
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Nov 10, 2021 10:08 AM
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Autumn. It makes me feel relaxed and I just love the autumn warm colours. Nature looks so elegant at this time of the year.
November 10, 2021
My favorite season is winter! I have lived in three countries with vastly different climates, and I have always found winter to be magical no matter where I am. Whether Im in Saudi Arabia, Siberia, or Pakistan; winter is the best albeit for different reasons. In Saudi Arabia, winter brought with it a peace of mind, rain, beautiful skies, and liberation from the harsh desert sun. It was the time of the year where going outside was something we would look forward to instead of dreading it. Winter provided us a mental sanctuary in a place where 50°C is not rare in the summer. Not only that, but winter also brought rain which is really rare. In the 18 years Ive lived in Saudi Arabia, Ive only seen rain just once in the summer so we always got excited to see dark clouds as winter approached. You can say that many of us love clouds like the British love the sun. The best part is that the government often ordered schools to close because of false predictions of heavy rain, so we occasionally got an entire week off! As for Russia, I just adore how breathtakingly magical the trees look after it snows. I also love the feeling of drinking some hot tea after returning to my appartment from university when its below -20°C outside. Words cant describe just how strongly I miss the long winter nights of Russia. Both Pakistan and Russia need separate posts due to word limit. Thanks for reading!
November 10, 2021
I love Spring season. In Japan, spring is also the cherry blossom season. Everyone enjoys eating and drinking with family, friends or co-workers under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms. # MyFavoriteSeason
November 10, 2021
I really haven't a favourite season bu I'll tell you that I really hate Fall. Cold, wet and humid waether always makes me sick and it"s terrible for my lungs.
November 10, 2021
I like Autumn. Don’t like spring! Do you know Guangdong Province in China it is very wet in Spring! There is even water dropping from the wall. The whole day it’s wet on the floor. And the clothes are never dry in spring! Autumn it’s very dry. I like it🤣
November 10, 2021
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