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There is an interesting story behind Bahasa Indonesia. As English do, Indonesian have many accents which come up because of every regions within has its own local languages. The number of registered local languages in 2019 are 801 (Education and Culture Ministry). Well, but it doesn't matter and don't worry, I don't really understand all of them either. :D But clearly, they are all understand Bahasa Indonesia with little accent in it (except the older generations, I guess). Come back to the story why Bahasa Indonesia is created. This language was created as a language bridge (lingua franca) of thousands cultural and language different in Indonesia. It was declared as national language in 1928 by group of youngsters in Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge), far before Indonesia's Independence. This is my personal opinion, I think a lingua franca should be easy, or lets call it have little complexity, so that people will understand them faster too. Somehow, I can see Bahasa Indonesia has that requirement. Because it doesn't have complicated conjugations or time tense, etc. I think a frequent communication will make you master the language. Tell me your opinion or maybe translate! PS. You can do it in Bahasa Indonesia and I can give review if you want. :) This is not my video, but it can be representative example. #linguafranca #funfact #BahasaIndonesia
Nov 12, 2021 1:33 PM