Анна Тарасова
I was wondering if you could help me and check my story about an extreme weather situation :) Some months ago my family and I were in Romania for the first time. Obviously, we decided to visit The Dracula castle, a stunning place located in the mountains. It all started with unbearably hot weather in Bucharest. We rented a car and went on a trip. The weather outside was changing surprisingly fast so in some hours it started to pelt down. We got out of the car and realised that it was so cold that our lips quickly turned blue. None of us had brought warm clothes because we didn’t expect the weather in the mountains to be absolutely freezing. After the excursion in the castle we went outside and found out that a storm had started there. It was thundering as loud as the sound of a plane taking off. We were observing flashes of lightning in the whole sky. It was clear that we had to leave the peak of the mountain as soon as possible but I had left the car far away from the castle. We had no choice but to run through the storm. I got behind the wheel because my dad was too exhausted to drive on a slippery road. It was almost impossible to see anything through the windscreen because of the heavy downpour. Our car was skidding all the time so I had to go slow. As a result, we came back home safe and sound but my family still recalls this crazy trip.
Nov 12, 2021 3:38 PM
Анна Тарасова
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