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Alert from Sexual Predator! A guy named Ravi Chandra is roaming here on Italki platform. He is a sexual predator. This person contacted me at a different platform in July and had a name of Dave. He showed his interest in learning Hindi at that time. But in the first class he asked me some of the meanings of vulgar and sexual words like fetishism, and some more that I can not write here.. Today he contacted me on italki but with a different name. Profile link of him : I am asking my fellow teachers to beware of him. He may contact you also. At the same time I ask Italki team to regulate and take necessary action.
Nov 14, 2021 2:14 AM
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Thanks for the heads up, Parul. I've lost count the number of times I've been harassed by men on here. One sent me a crude message in his native language and he got banned after I sent a request to support with the student's profile link and screenshots. I didn't trust italki to take action just by clicking the report button. Italki needs to do more to protect their female users (students as well as teachers).
December 2, 2021
Hi Parul, thank you for sharing this! Yes, there are many people who are not serious in learning languages here, I met someone who pretended to learn my native language and then asked private questions, such as “how old are you?” and even let me send pictures to him… I can imagine how much harassment has you met, because they can see your video. And everyone can send private messages to you… The person’s profile seems very suspicious. He wrote both his native language and the language he is learning as English…
November 19, 2021
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