Я - музыкант, преподаватель и психолог-консультант. Хочу улучшить уровень английского для преподавания и психологического консультирования. Могу в ходе общения учить музыке (игре на ф-но и гитаре, музыкальной грамоте) или консультировать. Заранее благодарна! Hello! I am professional musician, teacher and psychologist. I need to improve my English for teaching and psychology consulting. I would love to teach you music (playing piano, guitar, music theory) or consult you during our conversation. Thank you in advance!
Nov 14, 2021 6:06 PM
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Hello dear! Hope you are doing well and healthy I would like to practice my English with someone and I just saw you. If you are interested in practicing feel free to reply my message Regards,
November 15, 2021
Hello Kate. If you want, too I want to be your learning english language partner. I hope see you later. Have a good day.
November 14, 2021