Victor Khanin
Could you please check my project communications? Dear Trudy, Many thanks for your email. I really appreciate that you did the garden design on time and I also should admit that it looks great. We will, though, need some changes. When we discussed the main ideas, I pointed out that I’d like to have quite simple garden that would be affordable for me. The design you sent looks glamorous, but I’m afraid I’m not a big fan of conspicuous consumption. I’d be really grateful if you could create more affordable design so that I could complete the project on or close to budget. Kind regards, Lex Dear Patricia, I’ve just received your designs for my new house and I’m very impressed with their unique style that really stands out. These rooms look fantastic, but I suppose there was some kind of misunderstanding when we discussed the style. The thing is that I don’t like Victorian style - all these mantelpieces, numerous stucco molding around the ceiling and what have you are really not my cup of tea. So, your design is great but not for me. I’d be very pleased if you could offer more modern - and therefore affordable - design for my house. Actually, I expect the design that is approximately twice as cheaper than this one. Could you confirm that this is possible? Best wishes, Lex.
Nov 18, 2021 5:13 AM