Create sentences with cut through/cut across/cut down/cut back • We can cut through the broad avenue lined with trees. Not only will we get there faster, but also see the beautiful park. • The flood cut across five villages located near this river – it is thirty meters broader now. • For the starters, when you are going to tidy an attic, you have to cut through the thick layer of dust then you can start organizing stuff. • If we do not cut through the red type, we will not be able to do this project. • Only with the help of an accountant, they can cut through the red type. • He should cut down on sugar and chocolate, because it is cause spots on his skin. • When you were absent from work, he cut down this arrogant man to size, this broad-shouldered one with spiky hair from sales department. • We have to cut back rubbish production, if we do not want to wake up drowning in plastic someday.
Mar 3, 2021 10:04 PM