The things that make me angry.You know what,I'm the right person to answer this question.There have too many things I can't count on.I have to say that one thing really drive me crazy.I'm mad about that.I make sure that all of you know the Rockstar company.In five years ago,In two thousand and seventeen,An excellent personal computer game comes out and shows up all around the world.(smile)The Grand theft auto five.I don't have Microsoft's Xbox one or Xbox 360. I don't have Play station 4 as well.I always play it on my computer.Some break news appears on the internet,The Grand theft auto six will happen to come out in December 2024.I don't know if the time is true or false.If I can afford to buy it,my computer is too powerfulness to play it.You may say:There are many companies do well in making excellent games.Not only is the Rockstar the best games maker,but there have many the greatest games makers.For example:Telltale Games.It is the greatest games company.Telltale Games.
Feb 10, 2022 3:45 PM