Jason Wang
Here in Taiwan, we have just celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival in last week. In that day, we race dragon boats. The boat has different sizes for different level of race. The most popular sizes are for 11 people and 15 people each boat. The race take place on the river. Depends on the width of the river, there could be 3 to 6 boats race at the same time. The distance of the race is 500 meters. Some dab hands can finish the race within 2 minutes. I also attained the race in 2019. Our team has 11 crews. Although we took more than 50 hours to practice, we still ended up with the last position in the first run. That make our team un-qualified for the second run. However, we were still happy for having the experience together. Because of the Covid19 pandemic, the boat race was cancelled this year and last year. What a pity.
Jun 21, 2021 6:34 AM