Topic: about the VR tourism Hello everyone. I’m going to write about today’s lecture of the tourism class. The class is using English, so the professor always talks about the tourism in English. It is a little difficult for me but I can have motivation to study English. Anyway today’s topic is about the virtual reality tourism. Have you ever heard of it? These days it is not easy for us to travel far places, so we can watch like a trip anywhere anytime on YouTube. It depends on the electric devices around the world. We can use easily to use WI-FI. Our life is ordinary to use the electronic devices. Everyone depends on electric devices. Of course the itaki, too. People can connect easily and talk a lot anywhere.  anyway the professor told us interesting in the electric devices.  The industry is mentioned by using AI. Wow it’s so longer. I will write the continuing tomorrow.
Jun 21, 2021 9:43 AM