Jair Rodriguez
Hello there! Can you help me with some recommendations for my writing, pls? Street Luge is an adventurous sport. It’s a thrilling gravity sport that involves the player riding on a paved road or an artificial course on a luge board or sled. Street luge was initiated when people discover that if you conduce lying on the skate, you’re going to reach high speeds, so began to change their skate, increasing in size and width. The first official race takes place in 1975 in California. Jay Adams, Aram Tchopourian, and others were part of a Z-boys group. The Z-boys team has been playing an important role in the sport. This group was really into the sport and have a lot of influences. They were a Californian skater who has traveled around the world with the sport. They had their own style who called Dogtown. It’s been consisting of a downhill on the street with the skateboard. Also, we’ve found a movie that they filmed in 2005 called “Lords of Dogtown”. Nowadays we knew the typical skateboard that has a convex form to adequate the body’s person. The skateboard should be made of wood, steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber and the weight of a complete board mustn’t exceed 25 kg. Actually, it’s important to use a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, a special closed uniform, and gloves because it’s an extreme sport and it’s too dangerous. Only real athletes in physically active have brave enough. The primary objective of the riders is to ride their skateboards on the designated track and reach the end as fast as possible, beating other fellow participants. The riders lay down on their skateboard in a supine position, in other words, going down with their backs down and with their feet down. The person or a team of two that reaches the goal first won. Two kinds of elimination occur, either single elimination or double elimination with 2, 4, or 6 racers at a time. Thanks a lot.
Jun 22, 2021 3:01 AM