Kuzneteov Artyom
Post in English #moreфон2020 Day 14/31(380 day) Whining Does everyone like to win? Whenever kind of answer you choose it’s never mind. Victories and defeats are part of our live and we can’t change it. Of course, I don’t talk only about usual victories in another kind of game, but about something a little more complication than it. I believe that all our lives are made up of this staff. What am I talking about? I think that all our successes are victories and all our failures are defeats. But don’t think that failures or defeats are something bad, no absolutely no. If we don’t learn to do failure  time to time, we won’t learn how to make grandiose victories. After all, when we learn from our mistakes, we only become better and stronger. Well, I apologise for that. The young philosopher awoke up in me again. And as always I made the subject much more complicated. Let’s talk about usual games. I love whining very much, because it’s just nice. But nothing can be more pleasant than the victory of an opponent that you can not defeat in any way. Finally you’re superior to him and it’s something incredible. Well, I suppose I will finish on it, bye. P.S I read the word “Whining “ as “Winning”, so I wrote on a different topic, but I will not rewrite it
Dec 14, 2020 6:40 PM