Everyone wants to have a good job, sometimes it is just not always easy especially for the newly graduaded young and even for those who are old unemployed. Indeed, unemployment both concern the young and the old. As for myself, I have always wanted to raise my own business, ans it's still my goal now. I really do believe it is going to be fulfilled. We all have a hobby and passion. Yes, a hobby can be turned into a career. What we need is the will and faith to start it. A hobby can turn into passion. Just think of one hobby that might lead us far in life. Learning more and enjoying our hobby. Do we love playing basket-ball, volley-ball, tennis, piano, guitar, canoeing, and so on....We could become professional players, we couls also build some teams of players and train them to become the stars of the future. To be keen on learning foreign languages might lead us to our goal too. For example, establishing a languages learning center.... What matters most is having a vision, the will and faith, everything has a start-up and even, we will have to face to some challenges, difficulties or even failure in our path to our dreams, but those should not stop us from going on to reach our targets. The most important is that we start but it is twice most important that we don't give up!
Jun 17, 2021 6:23 AM