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Studying Chinese has always been one of my favourite things to do when I have got some free time. Although I don't really spend a lot of time to do that because I'm doing my final year in university right now, but I'm so glad that I found a method that really suits with my goal right now. I want to share this to the community because I feel this could be beneficial to whoever learn a new language, typically the non-latin language. 1) Make it simple I used to use a lot of colour pen in my language notes. Turns out, I learn better when it's only black and white colour on my paper 2) Make a BIG notes I'm glad that I found this method. I always struggled to finish my Chinese book. I think the problem is not only about the lack of vocabulary that I have, but also about the colour from the book. Whilst novel is still waaay beyond my level, so hopefully one day I can make it. But honestly, I love this method. I just rewrite it on my notebook in the huge font and I can memorize more. And writing has a therapeutic effect too so it helps me a lot when I need to calm my nerves when doing my thesis consultation :) 3) Shadowing My man, I never hate this method since I was a kid (with English). For Chinese, I'd rather to immerse myself with the celebrity's LIVE and short interview to get an authentic way of conversation 4) Invest (time and money) I don't really have a lot of money to be able to book a lesson weekly, but I can afford it once or twice a month sometimes. So I always try to invest in my time more before the class. Really trying my best to being prepared with some questions because I know it's not easy for me to book a class :) I'm glad that I can also find a really good Chinese teacher with such a good match with me (price & personality) here. Huge thanks italki! 5) Learn from textbook I've got a lot of help from textbook too! Thank God that I found a really good Chinese textbook which is so helpful. It helps me a lot to understand the grammar and boost my vocab
Jul 4, 2022 6:12 AM
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I can teach you chinese,but you must give me money.
July 12, 2022
I can teach you Chinese , But my English not very good
July 11, 2022
No pains,no gains.Believe yourself
July 13, 2022
that's good
July 6, 2022
I can teach you Chinese you can teach me English😁
August 1, 2022
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