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The book is very popular nowadays in my country. When I visit famous bookstores and online book markets, the book has been stood in front of me. Finally, I bought it and read. If we divided the book by 3 parts, I could say that first part is excited. Middle part is annoyed and finally last part is frustration. In the first part, the idea was interesting and the situation the characters fell in was unexpected. As a reader, I always wonder that if I were them, how I can live under such circumstances. Under quarantine condition, the book shows us the magic of statistical science truth. Because in this small colony, you can find each level of people who intend to become bad/or good. We are living similar situations on the World but the story in the book is exaggeration. As people, we love, we get killed, we suffer from famine, we support each other, we fight, we learn, we sacrifice, we violence… The difference between the story and life is that if everyone gets blind, the amount of wickedness will be increased by people. Because most of them believe that if no one see them, they can do everything. Also, we can better understand the value of each kindness. When I come to final part of book, I expected to see what people will react. However, author prefers to make readers write a result on their owns. Because the characters in the book are us. I thought about my feeling, my attitudes towards all things and how human being become dangerous under such circumstances. I could not write a positive end for my story.
Feb 14, 2021 10:44 AM
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