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I love to everything. Eating is my favorite things to do. As long as there's space in my stomach I never stop eating. However I never get fat and I don't understand where all the foods goes that I consumed. As far as I concern all kinds of people love to eat. There are some people I've seen who can't eat much even though they wanna eat. I heard that is also a disease I'm not sure it is correct or not. On this planet we have different types of people all over the world. Everyone has their own cuisine and taste. Therefore sometimes the food we enjoy the most be varies, it depends on the region and what kind of food we grew up Eating. According to that for someone's favorite is different from others. Food is essential for our health, in order to stay healthy we gotta consume healthy food. This is all I can say about the food right now. I hope you find my writing interesting 🙂. Please consider correcting the errors you see . I appreciate you so much for reading it. Have a good one.
Feb 18, 2021 7:56 AM