As you may know, Kelly McGonigal said something like stress can be helpful not evil if you interpret stress is good for us. I had twisted this fact and I had thought every stress was good for me, so I could keep going whatever. I have been experiencing infectious skin problems, teeth gritting and overeating. Some doctors told me these diseases might have been results of stress. I had ignored that. However, yesterday and today, I don't know why but I've got clear insight that I should stop myself and do less because I have been experiencing chronic stress. I had better make myself easygoing. I have read an article which said stress makes your aging faster. I don't want to die earlier. I am doing 10m of vigorous exercise and intermittent fasting for healthy longer life. LOL. I've decided to be easygoing with myself and reduce stressors. Have a nice day. Thanks for reading
Jan 31, 2022 2:02 AM