This is very true if I try to achieve my target during long period of time. As I can remember when I was doing my advanced level exam, I had to study 3 subjects with in two years which was a long time for me. So I started studying well at the beginning. After one year later my enthusiasm for studies got frustrated. Luckily I could find a new teacher for chemistry and he was given to me so much encouragement to pass the exam well. Every time I was about to give up I was thinking today there is no single star in my life sky, but I know one day one star will start glowing in my life sky and it getting multiply when I was seeing that one by one. So today I have to wait and keep putting best effort to my studies. As a result of that I am sure one day all my efforts get rewarded all of a sudden. I am taking this moment to thank my chemistry teacher immensely.
Feb 4, 2022 11:25 AM