Can you help me correcting this essay? Thank you! How to encourage young people to study science The fact that studying science does not have great appeal among young people is undeniable. In some cases, even students who are interested in the subject may consider that studying science as a career is beyond their abilities. This essay will discuss ways of encouraging people to study this field of knowledge and leave the prejudices about it aside. The media and advertising are in part to blame for the bad reputation of studying science. There is no shortage of series and films where people who study science or dedicate themselves to it are portrayed to be socially awkward and lacking social skills, and thus, by no means thriving in life. No wonder why people do not even consider science as a choice. This has an easy remedy – to change this narrative into a more positive one. Moreover, schools are also to blame for making science harder and more difficult to understand than it should be. Were the lessons to be more practical instead of theoretical, students would not only find it easier to grasp but also discover that science can be fascinating. While the conjunction of both measures would make people aware of the wonders of science, the role of schools in this case is fundamental since it is most likely there where students have the first contact with the subject. It is in the hands of schools to spark the interest in science, which it is vital, given the current shortage of these professionals.
Feb 6, 2022 8:16 PM